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How To: Create Your Teacher Account from TCI on Vimeo.

There are two different ways to create a teacher account:


1. Have a Subscription Coordinator/Manager send an email with a custom link


If you are a coordinator/manager, you can distribute subscriptions to other teachers. If you are a teacher who is still waiting on an invitation, make sure to check your spam folder, as sometimes school filters will block our emails.


2. Create an account independently


  1. Go to www.teachtci.com  (this is where you will sign in every time)
  2. Click the purple “Teacher/Coordinator Sign In” button and then click “Create Account"
  3. Enter your school's Sign Up Code, or click "I don't have a sign up code." 
  4. Complete the rest of the Name, Username, Password fields
  5. Click “Sign up”


If you don't know your code, here's how you can quickly figure it out. 


  1. Click on "I don't know my code" 
  2. Enter your school or district's city and state
  3. Select your school
  4. From here, you'll see the contacts in your district who can provide your Sign Up Code
  5. Once you have your code, go ahead and enter the rest of the information that you need.


If at any point you want to update your account information, you can do so by customizing your settings.

If you are a Subscription Manager and would like to share these instructions to your teachers, download the form attached to this article. 



Getting_Started_With_TCI.pdf Getting_Started_With_TCI.pdf

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