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Distribute Subscriptions to Other Teachers

You need to be the Subscription Coordinator or Subscription Manager in order to distribute subscriptions to your teachers via email. When teachers receive their email invitation, they will be prompted to create an account and select a program from all of the Teacher Subscriptions available in your district. There are two options for distributing your subscriptions.

Option 1—Send an Email Invitation Using the Standard TCI Template

  1. Sign in to the Subscription Tool. Enter the email addresses for all of the teachers who need Teacher Subscriptions in the box under “Invite Teacher By Email”.
  2. Select “Send Invitation.” Teachers will receive the message below from subscriptions@teachtci.com:

TCI email

Your school or district has ordered a TCI Teacher Subscription for social studies for you. To begin using your subscription, you’ll need to create an account. This process takes about one minute and will give you access to: 
•Ready to teach classroom presentations of TCI lessons
•Assessment tools
•Online Student Text
•Enrichment Resources
•and much more!

Create your account now: http://subscriptions.teachtci.com/signups/xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Option 2—Send an Email Invitation Using a Custom Message

  1. Sign in to the Subscription Tool. Find your unique url under the phrase "Share this link with teachers to allow them to create accounts." 
  2. Highlight the Teacher Link and copy it. Then, use your email account to open a new message and paste the link in it.
  3. Add any special directions that you want to include in your email message. For instance, you may want to send the email just to your fifth-grade teachers, and direct them to only select the America’s Past program.
  4. Add the teachers who you want to send the invitation to into the “To” field on your email message and press send.

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