Teachers' Curriculum Institute

Tax Exempt Status

TCI collects sales tax in the following states: CA, FL, IL, KY, MI, MO, OH, TX, VA, and WA. By law, TCI cannot extend a school or district’s sales tax-exempt status to an individual making a purchase on a personal credit card.

If you are ordering from the TCI Store using a school credit card with a school/district billing address and the school/district has sales tax-exempt status, please send a copy of the tax-exempt certificate referencing your order number within 24 hours to info@teachtci.com or by fax (800-343-6828). Although you will see a line item for sales tax when you submit the order, it will be removed before your credit card is charged. Failure to email or fax a certificate within 24 hours may result in sales tax being added to your order unless have a tax-exempt certificate on file with us.

To see if your Tax Exempt Certificate is on file with TCI: 

Check for your school/district here

PLEASE NOTE: The status "No Exp" indicates "No Expiration" for your certificate, not non-exempt. If you are not on file, your school/district will simply not show up when you search for it.


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