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Tax Exempt Status

To Look Up If Your Tax Exempt Certificate is on File: 

Check your school/district through here

PLEASE NOTE: The status "No Exp" indicates "No Expiration" for your certificate, not non-exempt. If you are not on file, your school/district will simply not show up when you search it.

What if I have tax-exempt status and sales tax is being added to my order?

All orders will initially look like we charged sales tax. But before we fully process them, we'll do some quality control to make sure you should be taxed. If not, we'll remove the tax. Here's how we determine which orders should be taxed.

You Ordered with a Personal Credit Card

If you are using a personal credit card to make a purchase for use at your school, sales tax will be charged because you as an individual are not considered tax exempt. By law, TCI cannot extend your school's/district's sales tax-exempt status to a personal sale.

Taxable states: CA, FL, IL, KY, MI, MO, NJ, OH, TX, VA, and WA.

You Ordered with a School Credit Card

If you are using a school credit card with a school/district billing address, and the school/district has sales tax-exempt status, please email us at info@teachtci.com or fax (800-343-6828) a copy of the tax-exempt certificate referencing your order number within 24 hours of placing the order. The tax will be adjusted when the order is processed. Failure to fax the certificate within 24 hours may result in sales tax being added to your order -- unless you have ordered from us before and have a tax-exempt certificate on file with us. If that is the case, no need to send us your certificate again. We'll go ahead and review your order and remove the sales tax automatically. 

Taxable states: CA, FL, IL, KY, MI, MO, NJ, OH, TX, VA, and WA.



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