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Technology vs Print

Not sure what to buy? We'll help pick the best solution for your classroom.

Technology (Online Subscriptions):

Teacher Subscriptions:

  • Deliver content online.
  • Use presentations to teacher lessons easily.
  • Assign reading, games, and more to students.
  • Create, edit, and share Assessments.
  • Provide handouts, guides, and enrichment resources on a click.
  • and more....

Student Subscriptions:

  • Create an interactive learning environment around the Student Text.
  • Engage students with Interactive Tutorials and Lesson Games.
  • Include reading tools like text-to-audio, inline vocabulary and more!

Student Textbooks: 

  • Student Editions provide considerate text that hooks students.

Technology + Print Bundle

  • Combine TCI's 6-year online subscriptions with print resources.
  • Take advantage of a fantastic discount when combining subscriptions and print.


Additionally, here is a list of the advanced features for our online Subscriptions:

  • Lesson Guides 
  • Assessment Tools
  • Gradebook
  • Student Text
  • Lesson Games
  • Interactive Tutorials
  • Reading Tools
  • Vocabulary Cards 
  • Enrichment Resources 
  • Spanish

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