View Student Grades

You can view and track student scores in all your classes.

1) Sign into your subscription and click "Gradebook" next to the corresponding class on your Programs page.

2) Click on the lesson you want to grade.

3) Explore all of the scores and trends, and find your way around:
  • Notebook Scores. These are scores that you can set for your students' notebook responses. If you want to provide a custom point value for the Notebook, click on the pen and paper icon next to the default score. Any score you set will only affect that particular lesson. 
    • Click ASSIGN to assign notebook work to your class.
    • Click SET SCORE to view and grade your students' notebooks. 
  • Lesson Game scores. These are fun multiple choice activities that are found at the end of in every lesson. They are marked with a Green Star in the Student text.
    • Click ASSIGN to assign a Lesson Game to your class. 
    • Drill in for the individual student's lesson game or assessment results by clicking on their numerical score. 
  • Online Assessment scores. These are multiple choice or free response online assessments that you can assign from TCI's question back, or write yourself. 
    • Click ASSIGN to assign online assessments to your class.

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