Teachers' Curriculum Institute

Batch Import Students (Administrator)

Administrators can upload up to 50,000 at a time to their account. To start uploading students:

1) Sign into the Subscription Tool and click on the "Go" button under Invite Students.

2) Click on the "Batch Import Students" button.

3) Download our CSV template for batch imports by clicking the "Download Template" button.
4) Create your .CSV file using the template. Be sure to fill out all the columns in your CSV for every student. 
Note: You'll need your TCI program code, which is a 4-digit number. If your program code begins with zero, you must right click the column, select format cells, and make sure the field is set as a "text" field.
7) Save the file as a .CSV (not as an Excel file).
8) Choose your file, and submit it. 
9) Once you have uploaded the file, you should see the student accounts on the "Student" page. Teachers will be able to see students in their "My Classes" page. This may take up to 10 minutes. 

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