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Parent Orders

Some schools ask parents or students to purchase TCI Student Subscriptions. There are three steps you need to complete to purchase and use your Student Subscription.

1. Buy the Student Subscription
2. Find your School/District
3. Create a Student Account


1. Buy the Student Subscription from our online store
a. Scroll through our programs to find the program your school/teacher asked you to purchase.
b. Now find the Student Subscription.
c. Enter the "Subscription Duration" as 1-Year. 
d. Enter the quantity you need and click "Add to Cart." 
e. After clicking "View Cart", review your order and click the "Checkout" button. 
f.  Click on New Customer Registration.  For your email address, be sure to enter an email you check. You'll be sent an email that requires further action from you. 

2. Find Your School/District
a. Next you will need to enter the zip code of your school.
b. Click on the name of your school, or "My school is not listed" if your school is indeed not listed.
c. Enter your payment information.
d. Review your order and don't forget to enter your email address.

3. Create a Student Account
a. Print your order confirmation and bring it to your class.  Your teacher will help you determine the correct teacher email address to use when you create your student account. You will then be able to use your account on www.teachtci.com. 
  • Enter your child's teacher email address or teacher username.
  • Create the student username. Hint: Many schools will use the student's first initial and last name to create the username.
  • Enter a password. Be sure you write it down so you don't forget it.
Enjoy exploring your subscription!

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