Teachers' Curriculum Institute

Transfer Students

Need to add an existing student into your class? No worries, you can search for any student in your account and transfer them in just a few clicks.

A student can be enrolled in as many different programs as needed. If a student is already in the program you teach (in this example Ancient World) but under a different teacher, the transfer will remove them from the original class and add them to yours. 

To transfer an existing student to your class:

1. Sign in to your subscription here: https://subscriptions.teachtci.com/staff/sign_in

2. Click the "Add/Edit Students" link for the period you would like to transfer to.

3. Click the "Add Student" button above the class roster.

4. Navigate to the "Add Existing Student" tab and search by last name, initial, or username.

5. Click the "Add/Transfer to Period X" button to complete the transfer. You will now see this student in the roster list for the chosen class period. 

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