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Manage Students (For Teachers)

Adding Students

There are many different ways to add students to your class. But there are other functions you can take as a teacher as well.

Removing Students

If a student transfers out of the class or accidentally signed up for the wrong class, you can remove them in a few easy steps.
  1. Go to your Students page
  2. Click on the "Add/Edit" notebook icon for the class the student was in
  3. Find the student you wish to remove, then under the Actions column, click the purple 'X' icon
  4. A pop-up will ask for confirmation. Click 'OK' to proceed with removing the student from your class

The student will no longer be a part of your class. However, the student account will continue to exist in your school/district account, which can allow another teacher to add a student to their own class.

Transferring Students

If you want to switch a student into another class period, or if they are assigned a different teacher, they have to be first removed from your class before being assigned to their next class. To add an already existing student:
  1. Click on "Add/Edit Students" in the Class/Period that you want the student to be added to
  2. Click the 'Add Student button'
  3. Select the 'Add Existing Student' tab
  4. Use any of the available fields to search for the student in the system
  5. Once the student appears, click the 'Add/Transfer' button. Your student's information will move with them.

Duplicate Student Accounts

If your students accidentally create a duplicate account, they may be taking up a subscription that could be used by another student. To prevent confusion and free up the subscription, you can remove the extraneous student account from your roster and the subscription will be automatically released for use. 

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