Spanish Materials

The intent of our Spanish translations is to support students and help English language learners access content. For this reason, we provide translations for the material that students use independently.

We did not translate TCI Classroom Presentations because they are a meant to be used by the teacher with an entire classroom. Students as a class would be working with the teacher or support staff to access the content instead of individually viewing the presentations. 

The materials offered in Spanish through the online subscriptions include the Student Text, Assessments, and Materials

To View the Spanish Text

Go into Student View by selecting the option from the top left dropdown menu.
Select "Text" from the top navigation bar. 
Open the section of the Student Text you want to view.
From the bar of icons at the top of the text click Spanish to translate the page.

To View Spanish Assessments

To access Spanish assessments please follow these simple steps: 

From your Table of Contents page, select the lesson you want.
Select 'Assessments' from the top navigation bar. 
Click on the (Spanish) PDF to access either the Answer Key or the Assessment.

To View Spanish Materials

Select "Materials" on the top navigation bar. Any Spanish language Student Handouts or Interactive Student Notebook pages will be available as PDFs to be downloaded and printed as needed. 

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