Teachers' Curriculum Institute

June 30th Reset

On June 30th of every year, TCI resets your subscription and classes so you can start the new school year fresh! On July 1st, your new subscription will also get some upgrades -- on us.  

Here's what will happen:

  • Your students will be removed from your classes and all student scores will be deleted.
Here's what you need to do, after July 1st:
  • Sign in to your subscription at www.teachtci.com
  • Select the program you will teach in the new school year. If you select the same program, the custom presentations and assessments you've already created will be available to you.
  • Create new classes and add students, unless your school or district is doing that work for you.
Note: If for any reason you want to save your students' scores from the previous school year, you'll need to export them to a spreadsheet prior to the June 30 reset. To export scores, go to "My Classes" and click the "Student Scores" button. Click the "Export scores to CSV" button and save the data. 

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