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Become a Subscription Coordinator or Administrator

Two roles are involved in managing subscriptions:

1. Both Subscription Coordinators and Managers can:
  • Invite teachers to create accounts and distribute subscriptions within their school / district 
  • See which teachers have created their TCI accounts under the ‘Teachers’ tab
  • Add students individually
  • View available subscriptions under the ‘Programs’ tab
  • View when subscriptions expire under the ‘Orders’ tab

2. Only Subscription Managers can:
  • Manage teacher and student subscriptions
  • Batch Import teacher and student rosters
  • Edit and delete teacher and student accounts 
  • Lock subscriptions to prevent teachers and students from managing their own subscriptions

To become a Subscription Coordinator
  1. Sign into your subscription
  2. Select "Settings" under the gear in the top right corner.
  3. Scroll down to the "Program Settings" box
  4. Click the "Request Coordinator Privileges in My District" button

To become a Subscription Administrator (Manager):
  1. Become a Subscription Coordinator. 
  2. As a Subscription Coordinator, you will have the option to download a Subscription Administrator Agreement on the "Settings" page. This document describes the privileges and responsibilities entailed and needs to be signed. 

You can also download the Subscription Manager Administrator form from this article.

Sign, scan, and email the agreement to info@teachtci.com. Customer Support will process your Subscription Administrator Agreement within 3-5 days.


TCI_Subscription_Manager_Administrator_Agreement-2013(2)_(1).pdf TCI_Subscription_Manager_Administrator_Agreement-2013(2)_(1).pdf

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