Custom Presentations

We heard your feedback and are happy to announce some brand new features for our presentations! Continue reading to learn more about the new features and get an idea what's coming soon.

When you first go to the Presentations page, it will look a little different. If you hover your cursor over the preview image, you can see three options for getting started:


1. Present 

If you need a refresher on how to navigate the different features of our presentations, check out our Presentation Overview article.

Ready to kickstart your lesson? Clicking ‘Present’ will open up a new tab with the presentation slides ready to show. 

2. Edit/Preview

In this mode, you can view the slides and the teacher notes that walk step by step through the lesson, which have been seamlessly integrated to create a smoother teaching experience. The carousel at the top of the page displays all of the slides, and you can jump between them by clicking on any of the numbered slides.

If you would like to hide a slide so that it won’t show up during your presentation, use the purple “Hide” button with the eye. Hidden slides will look like this:

If you decide you don’t want to hide the slide after all, just click ‘Show’ so that the slide will be visible again.

To Save a Custom Presentation

If you only want the changes for this lesson, you can choose to start Present mode without saving. If you want to keep the same slides modified for future lessons click the “Save” button or the “Save Duplicate” button (if you want to have an additional copy of your custom presentation to edit). You can even customize the title:

Saving a presentation creates a custom presentation that will now appear on the Presentations page. The custom presentations will also be marked by a circle with your initials, as seen below.

To Delete a Custom Presentation

Click the red ‘Delete’ button and the presentation will be immediately deleted.

3. Print Guide

This button will open up a printable PDF of the presentation slides with the respective teacher notes included next to each slide. Please be advised that the “Print Guide” option is not available for the custom presentations.

The Presentation Guide is a valuable tool for any stage of your lesson planning. As a teacher, you can print the guide as an in-class reference, without having to pause a presentation to check the notes. You can also make notes for future lessons, review the lesson step-by-step with your co-teacher, or print out an additional guide to aid a substitute teacher if you cannot make it to class.

Upcoming Changes

In March, keep an eye out for new options to reorder slides, edit the teacher notes, and the capability to download a modified presentation guide with your customized presentations. Additionally, you can look forward to creating your own slides with text, images, video and more by Summer 2017.

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