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Getting Started with Auto-rostering

Auto-rostering allows your district to manage all rostering information in one tool, typically a student information system (“SIS”), and then share that information in an automated way with the different applications your teachers and students use. By using an auto-rostering solution, you can avoid having to manage all of your teacher and student users in each different application they use. For example. If student A moves from teacher B to teacher C, you only have to make that change one time in your SIS, and your auto-rostering solution shares that change with every application used by student A. Auto-rostering tools fall into two general categories:
Third-party tools used to manage data sharing with applications like TCI Subscriptions: Clever is one of the most well known of the third-party tools for auto-rostering. Clever works by pulling data from a district’s student information system usually through a daily sync. Districts can then work in Clever to select other apps, like TCI Subscriptions, to set up a second data sync in which those applications pull data daily that the district shares with the application from Clever. Learn more about setting up Sharing rules in this video.

Automated exports directly from your student information system: You don’t need to work with a third party tool to auto-roster your students. TCI offers and an Automated CSV solution to allow districts to automatically provision and roster accounts using CSVs delivered into an SFTP site. Learn more about setting up an Automated CSV solution.

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