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Clever Setup for TCI Subscriptions

Step 1 - Invite us to connect: Look for “TCI Subscription” in the Clever marketplace and send us an invitation to connect.

Step 2 - Set up your clever sharing rules: Learn more about sharing in Clever by watching this video. We ask that you limit the sections you share with us in Clever to the ones associated with the sections that will be using TCI programs. It  reduces processing time for your nightly data sync, allows for easier course mapping, and helps us meet our data privacy promise of only collecting the data we need to allow students and teachers to use TCI subscriptions.
Step 3: Ensure the Data is complete: Please review your data to ensure that sections you are sharing in Clever have course numbers. If you are not sure how to add course numbers to Clever, please contact Clever for help.

Step 4 - Map the courses you are sharing to TCI programs your district is using: In order to complete the rostering piece of your integration, we must map your district course codes in Clever with TCI program codes. This ensures your teachers and students see the right content. There is currently not a place to handle this mapping in the Clever app. When we accept your invitation to connect, we’ll send you a Program Mapping document to complete.

Step 5 - Provide TCI with a launch date: This is the date TCI will begin pulling the data you’ve shared with us in Clever into the TCI Subscription application.
Step 6 - Let your teachers and students know where to log in: Your teachers and students may be familiar with logging into TCI subscriptions at our website, www.teachtci.com. Once your Clever sync launches, they must log in via Clever or whatever single-sign-on solution your district is using. They will not be able to log in via www.teachtci.com.
Step 7 - Let us know of any problems: Every district set up in Clever is unique, and occasional problems may arise. Please contact us at info@teachtci.com with any issues, and we'll work with you to resolve them.

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