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Program Missing When Logging in from Clever

The likely issue is that you have overshared in Clever. When TCI pulls data from Clever, it allocates a teacher subscription to each teacher who has section with every course mapped to a particular TCI program and a student subscription to each student who is in a section mapped to that program. For example, If you have 10 teacher and 200 student subscriptions for History Alive! America’s Past, but share 11 teachers and 205 students, the last teacher and last five students you share will be able to log in but won’t see a program or a class.
The first solution is to update your sharing to match the number of subscriptions you have available. You can find this information on your program mapping document. As an admin, you can also see how many student and teacher subscriptions you have by program in TCI’s Subscription Manager tool on the Programs page. To become a TCI Subscription Manager Admin, see this article. If you’ve reviewed your sharing and the numbers are correct, you can order more seats as needed at shop.teachtci.com

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