Teachers' Curriculum Institute

How to Exclude a Teacher from Auto-rostering

For Clever or OneRoster API Users: As an Admin, find or add that teacher on the teacher page in the TCI Subscription Manager tool, select the Edit Teacher Button, then check the box marked “Exclude from auto-rostering” on the Edit Teacher page. This teacher and the students assigned to this teachers classes will now be excluded from the nightly data sync. To make any changes to this teacher moving forward, including passwords, student, and programs, you must do it in TCI’s Subscription Manager tool. Learn how to become an Admin in the TCI Subscription Manager tool.
For Automated CSV Users:  Send us an email at info@teachtci.com to let us know that you would like to do “partial updates”. When you select this option, only the teachers and students included in the nightly data sync will be updated. By not including a teacher in the nightly sync, you can make changes to their information in TCI’s Subscription Manager tool that will not be overwritten.

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