Teachers' Curriculum Institute

Auto-rostering with TCI CSVs

Your district can automatically roster teachers and students using CSVs delivered into an SFTP site. Follow TCI’s step-by-step SFTP instructions, and contact us at info@teachtci.com for support throughout the set up process.

Important considerations before automating your CSV uploads:

Auto-rostering with TCI CSVs is done nightly: This method should only be used if you want to roster automatically with new files daily. Our application pulls CSV’s at 2 a.m PST nightly. If you only need a one time upload, please see our instructions for batch importing students and teachers.

Partial updates are available for teacher accounts only: We accept partial updates for teacher CSV’s only. Please let us know if your teacher CSV’s will be full or partial so we can ensure your set up is correct. We currently do not accept partial updates for students. All students who will be using TCI Subscriptions need to be included in this nightly CSV. We cannot exclude grades or specific classes at this time.


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