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Matching Users for a Clever Mid-Year Integration

If you are requesting a Clever integration mid-year and want to maintain custom content created by teachers and students (for example student responses to questions or custom assessments created by teachers), you must do the following:
Teachers: The emails teachers are using to sign into www.teachtci.com must match the teacher emails you are sharing with Clever from your SIS. Teachers should be instructed to update their emails in TCI subscriptions to match the information in your SIS prior to the launch date. Please pay particular attention to recent name changes in which a teacher may still be signing into TCI with an email that includes a former name.
Students: If you are using student usernames in Clever (the field name in Clever is credentials.district_username), these usernames must match the usernames students are using to sign into TCI Subscriptions. If you are not using usernames in Clever, you must replace the usernames students are using to sign into TCI Subscriptions with the student SIS id information in Clever (the field name in Clever is sis_id).

We can help you with the replacement, but we need your help matching. We recommend that you export a csv of your students from the student tab in TCI's Subscription Manager tool and add in an additional field for either 
credentials.district_username or sis_id depending on the data you share with Clever. Once you are done updating this column, contact us at info@teachtci.com so we can help you with the update before the launch

If you are unable to update student usernames in TCI subscriptions, we recommend waiting to launch Clever until the start of an academic period in which you are okay with losing student created custom content. For some schools and districts, this might be a new semester or trimester. For others, the best solution is to wait for the start of a new school year in the fall.

If you have any questions about this process, contact us at info@teachtci.com.

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