Teachers' Curriculum Institute

Setting up LTI with Schoology

There are two parts to setting up LTI single sign on in Schoology.

User Setup
  1. Match Student Usernames: Review the student usernames you've populated (or are planning to populate) in TCI's Subscriptions Admin tool. These student usernames must match students' Schoology logins for the integration to work. If you are using Clever for rostering, TCI uses the Clever field titled "credentials.district_username" if it exists or, if it does not exist, the field titled "sis_id" to populate the TCI student username field. If students' Schoology logins do not match the TCI username field, and students are already using TCI subscriptions, we suggest that you wait for the following school year to implement this integration as there is currently not a way to mass update student usernames.
  2. Verify Teacher Emails Match: TCI uses teacher emails for account authentication for teachers. Review the teacher emails in the TCI Subscriptions Admin tool and verify they match your teachers' Schoology logins. 

Upon request, TCI will provide you with a consumer key and secret. Follow our step-by-step instructions for setting up the LTI within Schoology.

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