Teachers' Curriculum Institute

Connect With TCI On Clever

To begin a TCI Clever integration you will need to request our app using the Applications menu on your Clever admin dashboard.

You can click the link below to connect with us now, or read on and request us through your Clever dashboard. 


Select "Applications" from the left menu and then "Request Applications" from the submenu. 

In the search field enter "TCI" and click "Request App" to the right of our logo.
Select "Already purchased" and click "Request".
The following window will prompt you to select which schools to use with TCI. If you have this information feel free to enter it and "Request with sharing". Otherwise simply click "Request and share later", choose an option and click "Submit".

For additional instructions see Clever support here: https://support.clever.com/hc/en-us/articles/203114997-How-do-I-add-or-remove-an-application-


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