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Setting up LTI Single Sign On

There are two steps in setting up LTI single sign-on for your users:

  • Step 1: User Account Prep

    • Verify Student Username Fields Match: Review the student usernames you have populated (or are planning to populate) in the TCI Subscription Tool, and verify they match the field values you will provide to TCI via your District's Identity Provider (IdP). If they do not, you must update student usernames in TCI to match the IdP field values.

    • Update Attribute/Parameter Title: If the value you would like to use in the IdP is a custom one (is not provided as part of the standard set of data), you will want to configure the Custom Parameter field and have this variable contain values that match with the TCI student usernames. This custom variable should be titled 'username' in order for the data to match and for students to successfully log in.

    • Verify Teacher Email Addresses Match: TCI uses teacher email addresses for teacher account authentication. Review the teacher email addresses in the TCI Subscriptions Admin tool, and verify they match the email addresses you are providing to TCI from the IdP. If they do not, you must update teacher email addresses in TCI to match what you are using in your IdP.

  • Step 2: SSO Setup

    • Begin The Setup Process: Login to your TCI Subscription Manager account and navigate to the "Integrations" page. Click "Add SSO" to begin.

User-added image
  • Select Your SSO Method: TCI currently supports SAML, LTI, and SSO via Clever. Make sure "LTI" is selected and click next. 

  • LTI App Info: Use the URL, Key, and Secret provided on this screen to build your LTI app. This will require setup work in the LTI application of your choice, please see the end of this article for further instructions. The info should appear in a similar format to the test account shown below. 

User-added image
  • Sign In Preference: Select which application you will be using with TCI (Classlink, Schoology, Canvas, or Other). Please provide us with the sign in URL in the given field. 

  • Application Instructions: We have attached documentation from common LTI applications to this article. If you have any questions or need additional help you can email TCI support directly here: info@teachtci.com


Setting_up_LTI_-_ClassLink.pdf Setting_up_LTI_-_ClassLink.pdf
Setting_Up_LTI_-_Schoology.pdf Setting_Up_LTI_-_Schoology.pdf
Setting_up_LTI_-_Canvas.pdf Setting_up_LTI_-_Canvas.pdf

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