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Updates Made in TCI’s Subscription Manager Tool Yesterday are Gone Today

Your district is auto-rostering teachers and students. Read more about autorostering. In order to make changes to teachers or students, such as changing classes or programs, that information must be updated in ...

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How Do I Find My District's Clever ID

You will need to need your district's Clever ID to setup Clever integration for TCI. To find your Clever ID, login to your Clever admin dashboard. Under "Applications" click any existing app. Choose the "Setti...

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Connect With TCI On Clever

To begin a TCI Clever integration you will need to request our app using the Applications menu on your Clever admin dashboard. You can click the link below to connect with us now, or read on and request us thr...

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How to create a CSV file?

Teacher CSV ​​​ Column 1 Name: ‘email’ Description: teacher email address Column 2 Name: ‘first_name’ Description: teacher first name Column 3 Name: ‘...

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How do I generate SSH keys for automated CSV rostering?

OSX/ Linux Step 1: Open a terminal window. Make sure you are logged in as admin/root user. Step 2: Copy and paste this command without quotes into your terminal tab "ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C "yo...

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Setting up LTI Single Sign On

There are two steps in setting up LTI single sign-on for your users: Step 1: User Account Prep Verify Student Username Fields Match: Review the student usernames you have populated (or are plannin...

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