Teachers' Curriculum Institute

Getting Started

Create Your Account

There are two different ways to create a teacher account: 1. Have a Subscription Coordinator/Manager send an email with a custom link If you are a coordinator/manager, you can distribute subscripti...

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Add a Program

You've signed in and you don't see your program in your account. You may have experienced the "End of Year Reset" or you're new to our subscriptions. Not a problem. You can add your program to your account in a...

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Add Students

There are two steps to getting started with your students: Creating a class Adding students to your class A. Create a Class Create classes to connect Student Subscriptions to your own, ...

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Customize Your Settings

Customize your TCI experience by by editing your Settings, which can be found under the drop-down menu in the top right corner of your screen. You can: Change your name Change your email Change your ...

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